Stonewall Resort

This is an image I edited using Canva. I love to travel and go on vacation, and last summer I took a trip to Stonewall Resort in West Virginia with my family. We joined two other families there, which we do every summer (except this one), and stayed for about three days. This picture was taken by my sister while we were kayaking. It is hard to determine whether we were on a lake or a river because other people at the resort were telling us that it was twenty-six miles long!

Other things we did here were paddleboarding, sitting on the dock and sleeping, swimming in the pool, and eating at the largest buffet ever. Seriously, the sausages there were an inch and a half wide! I would definitely say that kayaking was the best thing we did there because there was a little tunnel that leads to a very pretty view of the surrounding area. Overall, it was really fun.

This resort has a website where you can take a look. If you would like to see more of it, click here.