Hello, my name is Marlo, and I am a seventh-grade student from Ohio. To introduce myself, I thought I would list twenty interesting facts about me!

  1. I will soon be thirteen years old
  2. My favorite number is twelve
  3. My favorite color is gray/anything neutral
  4. I have hazel eyes
  5. I have one sister, who lives in college now
  6. I take goats in 4h
  7. My favorite subject is math
  8. I am approximately five feet and five inches tall
  9. I am a front-row player in volleyball
  10. My favorite food is couscous
  11. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  12. My least favorite word is stinky
  13. Painting on canvases is something I am beginning to explore
  14. I usually play third base in softball
  15. My favorite book is The Hunger Games
  16. My favorite movie is the second Jumanji
  17. I love hiking
  18. I would not eat seafood if it were the last thing on the planet
  19. I’ve gone kayaking three times and I’ve already become obsessed with it
  20. I love to write anything that is not a school assignment