A Wrinkle in Time: A New Ending

Today, I will be giving the classic novel “A Wrinkle in Time” a new twist to the ending. For those of you who have never read this book, it is about two siblings (Meg and Charles Wallace Murry) in a family of physicists who encounter three strange people in their town. These people lead the children to investigate their father’s unexplained disappearance. It gives the reader a happy ending, but I will save that for people who wish to read the book themselves.

As I mentioned in my About Me post, I love writing pieces of my own. Although this is technically a school assignment for me, I still think I will enjoy rewriting the end a lot! It allows me to be completely creative with my writing.

So without further ado, here is the ending I envision for A Wrinkle in Time.

Mr. Murry looked away from Meg and Charles Wallace, up to the old farmhouse. He smiled widely and began to tread up the hill it rested on, seeking to find the twins and Mrs. Murry inside. No matter how fast his legs would take him, it could never be fast enough. But he kept his composure and carefully stepped inside the back door.

“Kate?” he called. “Sandy? Dennys?”

He continued to walk through the back of the house, checking each room for a sign of any of them. Alas, the soft sound of footsteps drew him to the kitchen. The smell of a mysterious stew on the stove wafted toward him as he calmly approached his family.

He peered into the kitchen to present himself to his wife and two other sons, but only found the bread baking in the oven and the stew sitting ready on the counter.

“I was certain I heard steps from right here,” he muttered to himself. “Am I hearing things?”

He resumed his search, checking the living room, bedrooms, and even the lab. But still, he had not seen any sign of them. Giving up, he made his way back through the house to return to the yard and ask Meg and Charles Wallace about them.

Click, clack. Click, clack.

Mr. Murry whipped around at the echo of another series of footsteps coming from the kitchen. He paused, then slowly walked down the hallway to look one last time. He hadn’t even reached the doorway when Mrs. Murry turned into the hall and jumped at the sight of him.

For a moment, she almost looked fearful of him, but soon her expression softened to a look of pure gratitude. “Alex? Alex, is that you?” she whispered, her eyes tearing up.

All he did was walk up to her and silently wrap her in an embrace. Mrs. Murry began to sob, not even asking where he had been for all of those years. Just the sight of him seemed to be enough to answer all of her questions in an instant. She recovered quickly and called the twins down from their bedrooms.

At first, Dennys thought that dinner was ready, so he took a seat at the table, but Sandy had caught a glimpse of the two reunited family members and stopped dead in his tracks. “Father?”

Both parents nodded from the hallway. Sandy dragged his twin brother from his seat at the table and rocketed into a group hug. Meg and Charles Wallace had come inside to check on Mr. Murry but eventually joined in themselves. The whole Murry family had been joined together in the biggest celebration of their lives.

Yet through all of the action of the moment, Meg and Charles Wallace stopped to listen to a voice that only seemed to be audible to them.

“I am sorry we did not have time to say goodbye the right way,” the voice spoke. “You see, we must-“

Suddenly, the voices broke away.

The two children had never heard what their three ladies were called to do.

What I had aimed to do in this tweaked ending was to create a more emotional feeling for the reader while also having a key element from the original ending. I followed Mr. Murry because I thought it would be nice to see what he was thinking on his first trip inside the house. I also thought it would be nice to see Mrs. Murry’s unemotional character show some traits that were previously hidden, so this is how I showed that. If you have read or watched A Wrinkle in Time before, how do you think my ending was different? Leave a comment below.

*The image used in this post was taken by me

A Fun Day Trip to the Hocking Hills



Welcome to another post about the fun adventures I’ve been on! Last Saturday, my mom had to work and my dad is a teacher, so he gets every Saturday off. I was very bored at home. To fix this problem, I decided to drag my dad into taking me to a place called the Hocking Hills.

The Hocking Hills is a group of natural sites and parks with everything from waterfalls and lakes to cliffs and caves. The most popular attractions are Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, and Ash Cave. Now, since I live within half an hour from the Hocking Hills, I have taken multiple hiking trips to those places before. I wanted a new experience, so I went to two parks that sounded interesting: Cantwell Cliffs and Rock House.

This image was taken at Cantwell Cliffs. The first part of the hike was pretty easy, but early on at “the squeeze”, stairs made of rocks got covered in leaves and were quite slippery! You had to be careful of your step to make sure that you didn’t slip and fall on hard rocks. Then the trail broke off into two sections, the Gorge Trail and the Rim Trail.

My dad and I took the Rim Trail, which took you around the side of a couple of cliffs. It sounds intimidating, but it was very safe and kind of easy. After roaming around the bottom of one of the cliffs, the trail led us up the side of the cliff with more rock stairs and then went around to the rim of the cliffs. We got some awesome views from up high on this trail, so I am glad we chose it.

This image was taken at the Rock House, which was actually an unplanned stop. I told my dad on the way home that it sounded interesting, so he took me there to find out. This park’s main point of interest is the house-like formation created by rocks. There were multiple tight squeezes to get into the house. But with Covid and the many people visiting the park that day, I decided not to see what it was like inside.

We continued along the trail to see the little shelf, which the picture above shows. To get up there, I had to climb over and under a few logs (and a few families), but it was worth it! I loved how it felt like I was breaking the rules, even though there were no signs saying you couldn’t go up there.

I loved both of these places, but the Cantwell Cliffs were my favorite. The hike was longer and the sights were prettier. I would love to see both of them again and bring my sister along with me! For more photos and information on all the Hocking Hills parks, click here.

Stonewall Resort

This is an image I edited using Canva. I love to travel and go on vacation, and last summer I took a trip to Stonewall Resort in West Virginia with my family. We joined two other families there, which we do every summer (except this one), and stayed for about three days. This picture was taken by my sister while we were kayaking. It is hard to determine whether we were on a lake or a river because other people at the resort were telling us that it was twenty-six miles long!

Other things we did here were paddleboarding, sitting on the dock and sleeping, swimming in the pool, and eating at the largest buffet ever. Seriously, the sausages there were an inch and a half wide! I would definitely say that kayaking was the best thing we did there because there was a little tunnel that leads to a very pretty view of the surrounding area. Overall, it was really fun.

This resort has a website where you can take a look. If you would like to see more of it, click here.