An Artful Snow Day☃️

This morning, I had planned to make a snowman, which is one of my favorite snow day activities. I went outside later, ready to build one, only to find that the temperature was too low for the snow to stick together and form snowballs. To combat this problem, I decided to try something new and make “snow art”.

I gathered containers of water and dropped food coloring into each one. I took them outside, creating my abstract masterpiece by spraying and pouring the water over the snow. I ran into some issues with the size of my bottles and food coloring that was not strong enough to see in the snow. As a solution, I exchanged spray bottles back and forth between my house and outside. I let my dad fill the bottles up, then I took them back outside to spray so I would not get snow inside the house. When the food coloring in my bottles was not adequate enough to see, I simply asked my dad to put more color in them.

Therefore, when the problem of powdery snow arose, I decided to try snow art. When my bottles of water ran into challenges, I asked my dad to help me and solved my second issue. I was glad to get outside and try something different today!


*The image in this post was taken by me

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