The Avatar That is Somewhat Similar to Me

I created my avatar using Cartoonify. This avatar represents me because she has medium brown hair, light eyebrows, hazel eyes, and a rather serious resting face. My actual hair is slightly longer than hers, reaching about six inches off my shoulders. Out of all things on this avatar, the nose is the most accurate representation of my actual nose. It is round and slightly larger than the average person’s.

The eyes were a really hard part of creating this avatar. I can usually never find an accurate eye color for anything, or even name what color my eyes are. Sometimes they look green, sometimes gray, and sometimes just plain hazel. I think that from a distance, this is what people will think my eyes look like overall.

I never wear turtlenecks, but I thought it looked cool on this person. I think that navy blue is a really nice color on me, but I own next to nothing in that color. Long sleeves are my favorite type of shirt, mostly because my favorite season is winter. I also like to wear my hair down whenever I can because it is the easiest way to get ready in the morning.

It is usually hard to find a way to make an avatar of myself, but this was not too hard. Although it is not a perfect representation of me, it hits the spot pretty well.

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